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Experienced portrait, music and event photographer.


“Karolina is an amazing photographer, with a great eye for colors, composition and finding the perfect shot. She has a professional but laid-back demeanor that truly makes her a pleasure to work with. I have recommended her to a number of business and personal contacts who are looking for high-end photography work, and they are always very happy with her services.”
Kirill Satanovsky, Innovator, Entrepreneur
“I was looking for a local professional photographer to take pro portraits of our team members at Make Eat Easy to use in our profiles and bios.
Karolina is an efficient, professional photographer that delivers exceptional high quality photos. She is very easy to work with. She gave us excellent guidance during the photo session. She’s also funny and very friendly, and this helped us to relax and enjoy the session. We had the completed photos within 2 days and she did a great job not only with the quality of the photos but with the digital retouching.

All the team members couldn’t be happier with the results! We definitely will work with Karolina again.”

“I have hired Karolina for several photo shoots. Karolina is extremely professional, creative and easy to work with. I always feel very comfortable at the shoots and Karolina has an incredible ability os making natural pictures that emphasizes the beauty in every person. Karolina also took the pictures for my CD cover and I was very happy about the result! I highly recommend her!”
“Karolina is a talented visual artist who brings all her passion to the table. You can always count on Karolina and expect amazing results.”
Alex Mostoufi, CEO - Co-founder at Lightt Inc.
“Karolina is the type of photographer and creative artist that knows how to get you what you want without having to be told. She has a great instinct for her work and knows how to setup a shot and wait for the perfect moment to execute it. I enjoy working with her and I enjoy her results even more.”
“Karolina is an outstanding photographer. I have used her services in the past and have been very happy with her work. Karolina is talented, sharp and very receptive to her clients’ needs. She has the rare ability to capture the right moment on film—that fleeting moment people open up and show their true selves.”
“Karolina is a splendid photographer as well as graphic designer. I have been using her for years now – taking my pictures and designing my CD covers. She is a lovely, intuitive, creative and very gifted person (as well as very professional). I give her my warmest recommendations!”
“Karolina is incredibly adept at capturing the right moment to shoot the photo. She is sensitive and reacts fast, creating the exact right image.”
Fotograf Aasmul, Portrait Photographer
We hired Karolina for a photo shoot in November 2014 and are very impressed with her photography. She was professional from start to finish and captured exactly what we needed, and a even more than that. I don’t think I’m ever going to hire a photographer other than her in the future. Amazing work. Highly recommended!
Christian Baerend, Co Founder at SPLITPEAK
“Karolina is exhilarating to work with! Her video and photography work is not only distinctly beautiful, it is creative, thoughtful and outstandingly professional. I have worked with her on multiple projects over several years and am always amazed by her style and precision. She is also a joy to work with. I highly recommend her.”
Pam Kramer, President of Lightt